How does TEMPER Hair Glass work? 

Hair Glass is water-activated, with extended detangling and protection benefits. It lasts in your hair throughout a session, yet isn’t greasy and doesn’t make your hands slippery on your surfboard. The more you duck-dive, or free dive, or play in the water, the better it works.

What makes it water activated? 

Our technology is an ‘amino-functional’ oil, which gives Hair Glass a water activation property, while remaining slightly water repellent. These two aspects of the formula help hair stay less tangled in the water, and comb out more easily after a session. Imagine a bunch of little surfing gnomes in your hair, who really enjoy getting wet, while still holding all of your strands separate. 

What are the benefits?

Detangling, creating a protective layer for your hair, and improved smoothing with continued use. 

What else is going on in there? 

Passion Flower Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, and Kukui Nut Oil for protection, and a Meadowfoam extract that helps repair hair cuticle, increase hair shine and feel, and can even increase the strength of your hair. 

My product is sort of yellow, and gets these brown dots in it. Why? 

Some of our natural oils like to shift colors. They’re shade-shifters. They asked us to ask you to accept them as they are and love them anyway. 


More questions?